New for 2019!  Adventure Day -Preconference!

We can’t wait for our epic adventure day in Florida with Adventure Recovery at #MPRC2019: The National Recovery Conference, November 12, 2019 The day will be full of outdoor adventure and camaraderie — a signature Adventure Recovery experience. 🌊✨🙏

We’ll be enjoying time on the beach, exploring local waterways and wildlife, and barbecuing.



From CCAR, the conveners...

You may have noticed the change in the title from Multiple Pathways of Recovery Conference to MPRC: The National Recovery Conference. In discussions with an advisory council of more than 60 national recovery advocates and leaders, we expand our scope. Multiple Pathways sessions are still the focus along with tracks on Recovery Coaching, Recovery Advocacy and Self-Care.  Topics will be delivered through keynotes and workshops. Bill White will deliver the closing.    


Keynotes:  Mark Lundholm, Maggie Young, Don Coyhis, Q & A with Bill White and Don Coyhis, Haner Hernandez


Multiple Pathways of Recovery:  Explore several workshops on Multiple Pathways of Recovery - methods, practices, rituals, programs and belief systems that foster long-term recovery.  Some pathways covered include “Anonymous” programs, harm reduction, Wellbriety, medication-assisted recovery, creativity, art, Yoga of Recovery, SMART Recovery, LifeRing secular recovery, physical fitness, faith-based recovery and more.  


Recovery Coaching:  A new track this year, hear from people with expertise on topics and programs including emergency department recovery coaching, ethics, Coachervision, professionalism and asking great questions. 


​Recovery Advocacy:  Another new track, you’ll dive into the roots of the recovery advocacy movement and hear from prominent national organizations like Faces & Voices of Recovery and Young People in Recovery (YPR). Storytelling will be introduced this year to enhance recovery advocacy. Ryan Hampton, Greg Williams, Patty McCarthy-Metcalf, Tara Moseley and Neil Campbell are slated.  


Self-Care:  This track became a favorite of the conference advisory committee.  Discover and/or rediscover ways to care for yourself through transformational breath, mindful self-compassion, nutrition, sound healing and others. 


Why Punta Gorda, Florida?  Simply, it’s in Bill White’s backyard.  When Phil Valentine, CCAR Executive Director, a long-time colleague and friend of Bill White’s, asked Bill if he’s come to CT to the first conference, Bill could not. He no longer travels.  Bill however agreed to answer some questions on video that served as the opening keynote for the first Multiple Pathways of Recovery Conference. Click here.  The next year, Phil asked Bill, “What if we brought the conference to you, would you attend?”  He willingly said yes.  This will be our 3rd year in Punta Gorda.  


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