The goal of The Multiple Pathways of Recovery Conference is to bring people together from all over the country to focus, discuss and learn about recovery. We’ve designed this conference to further educate and celebrate the many different pathways that people use to achieve recovery in modern times.   

We’ve brought together recovery leaders from various backgrounds, pathways, and organizations to share and educate one another about the many ways people live and thrive in recovery. These different pathways include methods, practices, rituals, programs, and belief systems that foster long-term recovery.

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MPRC 2019 Pic
Maggie and Jennifer at 2019 MPRC Conference
MPRC 2019 Conference Pic
2019 MPRC Conference pic
Haner Hernandez at MPRC 2019
CCAR Staff at MPRC 2019

#MPRCFL2023 is brought to you by The CT Community for Addiction Recovery.

Learn more about CCAR's mission, values, & foundationalprinciples, check out our organization's history and Annual Reports and be sure to stopby our frequently asked questions page for even more information about CCAR and #MPRCFL2023.

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