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Carolina Ayala

Executive Director

The Happier Life Project


Recovery Capital

CRAFT is an evidence-based method for motivating your loved one towards recovery while taking care of yourself in the process which focuses on the family member concerned with a loved one's harmful substance use.
The curriculum consists of 12 sessions, once a week, to learn new strategies for positive communication and interaction with your loved one and be part of a supportive community that understands your struggles. Research shows that learning CRAFT helps family members feel better about themselves, get their own life on track, and improve their relationships with their loved one. During this presentation, we will give an overview to the CRAFT research-based approaches that offer tools & skills for inviting change in both. In addition, from an experienced facilitator's perspective, we will offer CRAFT to communities: virtual group considerations, facilitation styles, and how to effectively cater to special populations such as Spanish speakers, including helpful marketing strategies and more.
This research-based, educational and supportive method teaches strategies and harm reduction to be a positive support for people suffering from SUD and walk with them at any stage of their journey to foster change, not conflict. Participants learn to not unintentionally support the substance use and at the same time know how to support that person in a healthy way through solution-oriented communication, supporting clean and sober behavior, and allowing natural consequences, when appropriate.
CRAFT focuses on prioritizing the self-care of the family member, encouraging them to improve their quality of life which is now possible after a greater understanding through CRAFT, of where it is beneficial to focus their energies to help their loved ones. Facilitators are ally peers in family recovery.

Carolina Ayala


Carolina Ayala, the founder, and executive director of The Happier Life Project leads the organization as a trauma-informed certified Peer Recovery Coach, facilitator, and advocate for the recovery community in Riverside County. Carolina has been trained in Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT) by Robert J Meyers and has co-facilitated in both English and Spanish. Carolina’s unique approach combines her years of business administration experience with her direct experience as a justice-involved woman in long-term recovery. Her insights into the recovery community and re-entry process have empowered her to improve the system for others and advocate on their behalf with empathy and compassion. As living proof that recovery is possible, she has dedicated her life to The Happier Life Project’s mission and seeing through the positive change throughout her community.

Community Reinforcement & Family Training (CRAFT) (Bilingual)

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