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Connie Pacheco


Recoveries R US


Recovery Coaching

Authenticity coaching helps balance how we realize our own needs while being around others and, at the same time, meeting the obligations those relationships bring. Coaching recognizes our potential to be derailed along the authenticity journey and explores how we regain and restore our balance.
This workshop will provide clarity regarding our values, beliefs, goals, and help to reflect how and when we deviate to far from our preferred path. It will explore how we can coach our clients with authenticity, encouraging a greater and more equal degree of connection with the clients, environment, peers and superiors.

Connie Pacheco


Connie Pacheco is a Latina, born in Puerto Rico reared in the heart of the South Bronx. Connie came into the field of counseling in 1987 after successfully completing a 3-year rigorous residential treatment episode. She became a Certified and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC) in the State of New York in 1994 and is a recognized Internationally Certified Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor. Connie holds a Bachelors of Science with a concentration in Human Services from Empire State College and has a License Masters Degree in Social Work with a Concentration in Community Development from Yeshiva University. She obtained a Family development Leadership Credential in 2010 through Cornell University. Connie is a Certified Addiction Recovery Coach and Peer Advocate as well as a trainer. She is an approved OASAS instructor for the Recovery Coach/Peer Advocate Training. She holds a Private Career School Teacher Permit License and is currently pursing a Masters Degree in Executive Business Administration from Yeshiva University.
Connie taught CASAC classes for over 15 years under an approved OASAS provider prior to the
grand opening of Recoveries R US. She is a certified Women Safety Instructor under Englewood
Tiger Schulman's Mixed Martial Arts School for the past 21 years specializing in women's safety
from domestic violence and sexual assault. She is a 4th grade certified catechist in her neighborhood
Connie worked in some of the most prestigious programs in NYC in the capacity of Program
Director. She brings a multitude of experience, creativity, and commitment. Throughout her tenure
in the field, Connie Pacheco has developed a specialization in servicing diverse populations including
chemically dependent adults and adolescents, with an expertise in working with women and children,
In addition to families co-involved with the Child Welfare system and victims of Domestic Violence.
Connie is the proud mother of a 25-year old son, who served in the United States Army National
Guard. She recently adopted "Blackberry" a therapy/service pet (yorkie/shitzu) whom she declared
the official mascot of Recoveries R US LLC. Connie is a huge ally for the LGBTQ community and is
currently working on opening the first LGBTQ Therapeutic Community in NYC. She is feature in
the "White Shirt Project" series, a platform to advocate against the stigma of Mental Health illness.
Connie hosts Recoveries R US talk showed which aired on Bronx Net Television Studios.
Connie launched Recoveries R US, LLC in 2013 as a means to provide services to individuals
pursuing a career in counseling for Substance Use Disorders; this includes individuals seeking to
enhance their professional portfolios. In addition, Recoveries R US provides an array of services that
include the 350 Standardize OASAS Curriculum for the provision of the CASAC T, Recovery
Coaching, Peer Advocate, Coachervision, Exam Preparation Workshops, SBIRT MATS/MARS
Women's Safety, Anger Management, Professional Development, Coaching services and much
more. Connie has dedicated her life to the field of recovery

Coaching with Authenticity

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