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Elaine Corwin

Health & Wellness Professor, Recovery Coach & Trainer

Corning Community College/Recover Well


Relationship Management

Healthy sexuality is foundational to self-esteem, representing the integration of biological, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of who we are and how we relate to others. Yet, until recently positive sexuality has been a neglected topic in scientific research and treatment of SUDs. The majority of us with SUDs have lived experiences of unhealthy sexual and relationship violence, physical or medical challenges, and know what we DON'T want.
This workshop will focus on healthy sexuality and relationships in recovery and identifying what we want DO want! Become more comfortable discussing sensitive topics like sex drive, sexual response, sexually transmitted infections, sexual violence as well as sexual attraction in (early) recovery. \n\nLet's help ourselves and others practice healthy, sex positive communication strategies and powerful coaching questions that will lead to growth and fulfilling sexual wellness.

Elaine Corwin


Elaine Corwin, MS in Health Education, is a national health and wellness consultant, educator and inspirational speaker with over 30 years of experience in creative health and wellness curriculum design and teaching classes in Human Sexuality, Stress Management, Life & Recovery Coaching training and Meditation. During her tenure at Corning Community College in NY, she has received the college’s Excellence in Teaching Award and the New York State’s Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. As a Health and Wellness and Recovery Coach, Elaine is passionate about helping people find their own recovery path. Each of us deserves to be happy joyous and free, living a healthy life! Dedicated to creating community, connection and safe spaces in the Recovery Centers on campus, and classes, she focuses on bringing more integrative healing modalities and topics into recovery. Meditation, yoga, creative arts & healing and recreational therapy are all a part of the multiple pathways of healing offered to help inspire and engage people to choose more joy, more hope and more healing!

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