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Kate Duffy

Founder & CEO

Tipping Point Recovery, Inc.


Recovery Capital

It continues to be proven the incredible impact family can have on one achieving and maintaining recovery. Yet, when it comes to activating and leveraging the Family System to its full potential as a powerful catalyst and tool for recovery, a prevalent question seems to be, "How"?

The goal of this workshop is to further explore the untapped potential of a strategic Family Recovery System and educate participants on what makes up an effective Family Recovery Framework. We will share and discuss the essential components of Tipping Point Recovery's proven framework, as well as examine the key principles that families need to best foster recovery.

At the conclusion of this activity, participants will be able to:
- Discuss the importance of a strategic Family Recovery System
- Explain and define the key components and principles that make up Tipping Point Recovery's proven Family Recovery Framework
- Understand how to utilize this framework to better assess, engage, and collaborate with families during all stages of the treatment and recovery process

Kate Duffy


Kate Duffy is an Interventionist and Family Addiction Expert. She is a catalyst for change who has been inspiring recovery and healing since she got sober herself in 2013.

After facing and overcoming her own battle with substance abuse, Kate saw and felt the missing pieces at the recovery initiative Tipping Point. She has since made it her life's mission to bring families into the recovery conversation. Through hundreds of interventions, Kate has created a proven family recovery model where families are empowered to rise above the frequency of addiction. When families heal, their loved ones can too.

Kate founded Tipping Point Recovery, Inc. and created Recovery Conversations, a breakthrough program that takes a holistic view of the individual within the family system. She is now sharing her program nationally so she can help more individuals and their families to recover and heal.

Kate knows that successful, long-lasting recovery must bring together the individual, the family, and the treatment facility.

Healing can begin at home.

Building a Family Recovery Framework: The Key to Activating the Missing System

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