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Lauren McLaughlin

Owner/Licensed Acupuncturist

Joyful Balance Wellness


Self Care: Accupunture

In this interactive presentation we will explore the joy of acupuncture and how it can be a pathway to recovery.

Lauren McLaughlin


Lauren went to acupuncture school with one purpose: to help people who struggle with substance use disorder and mental health issues. Her passion was born out of her own journey into recovery.

Lauren is a person in long term recovery celebrating 16 years in April 2022. During her early recovery, she was introduced to acupuncture as a pathway of support. After a life changing experience with acupuncture in New Mexico her entire recovery was transformed.

It was through this awakening that catapulted her recovery and ignited a passion for healing and helping others heal. She discovered first hand just how powerful acupuncture can be and knew that the recovery community could benefit from this ancient modality.

In 2012, Lauren opened her clinic Joyful Balance Wellness in Naperville, IL and has dedicated her life to helping others. With joy as the cornerstone of her practice, she encourages others to create joy within themselves and lead happier, healthier lives.

The Joy of Acupuncture in Recovery

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