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Laurie Healy

Recovery Coach Professional


Recovery Capital

In this workshop we will explore the systemic bias of a "one size fits all" family recovery approach, how the language and stigma surrounding families has caused harm and how we can use practical tools and skills to evoke self-efficacy and a person-centered approach to recovery for the entire family. We will break down some effective practices to help family members identify their values and goals, to create "ïntention" to respond rather than react, to practice skills that create agency in the family communications system and to engage in their own holistic recovery in an effort to model recovery in the family.

Laurie Healy


Laurie is a CRAFT-certified Family Recovery Coach, Certified Peer Recovery Specialist, and a family member of loved ones in recovery. Using evidence-based best practices informed by CRAFT, Invitation to Change, and Motivational Interviewing, she works with individuals and their families to help them understand the disease of addiction and how to implement compassionate communication strategies for healing and growth within the family. Laurie is also a trained ARISE interventionist and holds her B.A. in Communications.

Prior to her coaching work, Laurie spent 25 years in the field of sales and marketing, primarily with startup technology companies. Her career journey has also included leadership in corporate wellness and fitness coaching, helping teams define goals and strategies for keeping focused on wellness in their personal and professional lives. To learn more about Laurie and her work, visit

Changing Families, Changing Outcomes: Reducing Harm in Families through compassionate approaches to substance use