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Laurie Johnson-Wade

Co-Founding Director

Lost Dreams Awaken Center


Ubuntu Recovery

Explore how LDA Ubuntu Recovery, a Recovery Pathway, based on the ancient African philosophy of "Ubuntu". This presentation will help uncover how LDA Ubuntu Recovery utilizes Compassionate Connections as a catalyst to Reduce Harm to Humanity.

Laurie Johnson-Wade


Laurie Johnson-Wade is the Co-Founding Director of Lost Dreams Awakening (LDA)
Recovery Community Organization (RCO), a 501c3 non-profit in New Kensington,
Pennsylvania. Laurie is an Advanced Implementation Specialist (AIS) with the Opioid
Response Network (ORN) at UMKC; a Steering Committee Member for the Peer
Recovery Center of Excellence Workforce Development Core Team 3; an adjunct faculty
member of Faces and Voices Recovery Training Institute (RTI); and was selected to
serve on the Life Unites Us Community Impact Committee. Laurie is a Certified Behavioral Consultant (CBC), a CCAR Recovery Coach Professional (RCP), a State Certified Recovery Specialist (CRS); a Recovery Support Supervisor (RSS); a Forensic Peer Specialist (FPS), and has a degree in Health Administration.

Laurie brings over 31 years of lived recovery experience (Established May 30, 1991), to
the revolutionary and rewarding work of Recovery Support Services and Recovery
Coaching. Laurie is a trainer of the CCAR Recovery Coach Academy and Ethical Considerations for
Recovery Coaches; a facilitator of the PA Family Support Alliance (PFSA) Recovering
Families Program, and the PROACT Family Education Series.

Laurie was named the 2020 Recovery Advocate of the Year by the Pittsburgh Recovery
Walk. Ms. Johnson-Wade serves on the Board of Directors of Faces and Voices of
Recovery - Chairing the CAPRSS Committee, as well as serving on the F&V DEI
Committee. Laurie is a proud member of Black Faces Black Voices (BFBV) and seeks to integrate
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) within all systems of care - spanning Prevention, Harm Reduction,
Treatment, and Recovery.

Laurie is the founder of LDA Ubuntu Recovery, a recovery pathway, based
on the ancient African Philosophy of Ubuntu.

LDA Ubuntu Recovery - Compassionate Connections to Reduce Harm to Humanity