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Mark Guckel


Entheorecovery Solutions, LLC


Psychedelic Assisted Recovery

You are invited to learn more about psychedelic-assisted recovery and how it is changing the way that we think about, treat, and support people recovering from substance use disorder in this fun, informative, seventy-five-minute workshop.

Educational topics will include:

1. What is psychedelic-assisted recovery?
2. The history of psychedelic medicines in addiction treatment
3. Overview of widely available psychedelic medicines
4. Ways to support recoverees that use psychedelic medicines
5. Rapidly changing legalities and growing interest by the recovery community

Workshop will be followed by questions and answers (time dependent).

Mark Guckel


Mark Guckel, RCPF, is a recovery coach, paralegal, and educator with lived experience overcoming the root causes of his treatment-resistant addiction to harmful substances with the help of psychedelic medicines. He has several years of professional experience providing peer support services, helping people find meaning out of their psychedelic experiences, and consulting with entheogenic churches in the United States.

Mark is also a published author, with one of his many stories of redemption featured in “The Grapevine Magazine” (Meeting in Print of Alcoholics Anonymous, June, 2014).

As a recoveree, Mark found a sense of stigma associated with psychedelic medicines in the recovery community and committed to bridging the gap of understanding by founding EntheoRecovery Solutions with the intent of educating treatment support professionals and advocating for people that would benefit from the healing that they provide.

In his free time, Mark enjoys exploring the wetlands and pastures of Florida and is a founding member of the Psychedelic Bar Association.

Basics of Psychedelic-Assisted Recovery

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