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Nanette Ginse

Founder , Director

Self Care For Recovery


Self Care: Massage Therapy

Introduces why using Massage Therapy can reduce anxiety, stress, and muscle pain. Examine the benefits and science of touch and its role in creating new channels of awareness in the body/mind. Explore introducing other holistic therapies in a self-care program for clients in recovery. Included are some simple techniques we can use on ourselves.

Nanette Ginse


Nanette is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) in New York and Connecticut and a board-certified reflexologist.
In 1999 I graduated from the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy (CCMT).

Two years after graduating from CCMT, she returned as an instructor of Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory and Acupressure, a position I kept for 18 years.

These interests led her to travel to China numerous times to observe and experience Chinese medicine and bodywork firsthand. The travels to China would have never happened until she got clean and sober.

In 2019 she was at an a.a.meeting, and a recovery coach brought a young woman over and told her she would be her sponsor. The young woman lived in a transitional residence. They would do step work in the living room, after a while, the staff became familiar with her, and the other residents got used to seeing her. The sponsee once asked for a massage, giving me a brilliant idea for service. Why not set up in the residential and provide free massages once a week?

The feedback from Caseworkers and recoverees was positive and encouraging. With that encouragement, in February of 2022, she founded a non-profit, Self Care For Recovery, a registered 501 c3

It has been a privilege and honor to share the gift of her sobriety and skill with therapeutic and healing touch with women in early sobriety.

Her mission is to continue to offer therapeutic bodywork for women who don't have the financial stability to experience complementary/alternative health care to reach their self-care goals.

Teaching is her passion, bodywork is her calling, and service sets her free.

Massage Therapy as a non medical adjunct in Recovery

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