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Tim Santamour

Director of Outreach and Networking/Peer Support Worker

Florida Harm Reduction Collective inc


Harm Reduction

Harm Reduction the State of the Nation will include a brief history of the Harm Reduction movement in the US, including its roots in AIDS activist and drug treatment organizations. From there the presentation will move onto the current state of harm reduction efforts across the country, including Syringe Services Programs, Overdose Recognition and Reversal efforts, and interceptions with more traditional Recovery organizations. Folks will leave the session understanding what harm reduction services are and how Harm Reduction and Recovery can work together synergistically to provide services and support to People Who Use Drugs and People in Recovery.

Tim Santamour


Tim Santamour has over 30 years’ experience in harm reduction starting in 1991 in Buffalo, New York. Tim has served as an advisor and as Executive Director of DanceSafe in 2001. Tim received a BA in Literature in English in 2007 from City University of New York- Hunter College. Upon retirement from NY State in 2018, Tim moved to Saint Augustine, FL and founded St Augustine Harm Reduction Collective and, subsequently, Florida Harm Reduction Collective where he now serves as Director of Outreach and Networking. Tim also worked to help establish a Recovery Community Organization in Northeast Florida. Tim serves as a Subject Matter Expert on several issues related to LGBTQ+ communities and substance use, ChemSex, and syringe services programs. Tim prides himself on the mentorship of folks newly arriving to harm reduction work and his position as an OG of the Harm Reduction and Needle Exchange movements.

Harm Reduction the State of the Nation

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