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Toni Harvey

Program Coordinator

The Phoenix


Wellness Based

A Sober Active Wellness Organization that works on a peer-to-peer model to help promote health and wellness for those in recovery, seeking recovery. In this session we will focus on multiple pathways to recovery, the benefits of recovery and exercise, and additional recovery resources.

Toni Harvey


Toni is a native to Tampa Florida. She has spent the last 10 years in the Franchising development industry, before finding The Phoenix in Late 2020 at her local CrossFit Gym. She served as a Volunteer within the Tampa community to help spread the word of The Phoenix and our Mission! In July of 2022 she joined The Phoenix, as a fulltime staff member. Her goal is to continue spending her love and passion for helping others out, and serving the community through outreach, connection and creating a safe space for anyone in recovery!

The Phoenix - Sober Active Community

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