Day One AM Workshops – 10:15 to 11:45 a.m.


Multiple Pathways of Recovery Track:


Medication Assisted Recovery with John Hamilton

90% of individuals seeking recovery from opioid use disorder will relapse in their first year if they do not receive medication (and unfortunately we do not fully know what is the recovery capitol necessary for the 10% who do not need medication their first year). Therefore, we must be knowledgeable on what medications are available and the advantages and disadvantages of each. We must quiet the brain from the intense craving for opioids until the miracle occurs. This presentation will also emphasize how medication must only "assist" recovery and cannot "replace" the work of recovery.


The Phoenix – Sober Active Community with Whitney & Mike Mielke

The Phoenix is a nonprofit organization helping people recover from substance use disorders and heal from related adverse experiences by leveraging the power of social connection and physical activity. Phoenix events are free to anyone with at least 48 hours of continuous sobriety and are designed to be fun, emotionally and physically safe, inclusive and accessible. The Phoenix peer-based model relies on people sharing their stories and modeling strategies to successfully sustain their recovery.  


  • Understand the Phoenix model

  • Find value in “alternative” recovery pathways

  • Demonstrate how social connection and physical activity impact addiction recovery and improve outcomes

  • Learn how to build sober active community

Yoga of Recovery with Durga Leela​ 

Yoga of Recovery® offers a unique perspective and presentation of Yoga and Ayurveda. The topics selected from this vast ancient system of knowledge are chosen to make YoR instantly relatable, accessible, and current for people in recovery, to help shift their life trajectory. Yoga and Ayurveda are proven methods of behavioral health care, especially helpful for all modern chronic diseases. The toolbox is full and many are thankful that these modalities offer personalized tools and suggestions beyond the usual diet and exercise, one-size-fits-all dogma. Ayurveda offers general advice for all of us; YoR presents this information in a way that allows the person to draw out what will help them most at their particular point of the recovery path— a lifetime journey.


Recovery Coaching Track:

The Art & Science of RC Ethics with Ruth Riddick​

“The first step in the evolution of ethics is a sense of solidarity with other human beings.”- Albert Schweitzer

Grounded in recovery values, and hallmark of a professional, ethics involves the art of balancing multiple ethical considerations with the science of ethical decision-making.  In short, ethics is NOT rules, but at the heart of recovery coaching.  The workshop will focus extensively on the work of William White.

Participants will:   

  • Understand how core recovery values apply to ethical practice

  • Reflect on the ethical decision-making process

  • Practice using art and science to stay ethical

  • Have fun with ethics


Self Care Track:

Mindful Compassion with Cini Shaw

Participants will be introduced to Mindfulness Self – Compassion as based on the work of Dr. Kristin Neff and Dr. Chris Germer.  

Participants will learn:

  • the three components of self-compassion

  • the physiological underpinnings of self -compassion

  • self -compassion as an antidote for self -criticism

  • the difference between self- esteem and self -compassion

  • self-compassion as linked to wellbeing and health

  • the importance of self -compassion for care givers

Workshop will include 2 informal guided meditation practices to promote self compassion 

and an extensive list of resources.


Recovery Advocacy: 


Influencing Public Policy on the Federal Level with Patty McCarthy

Legislation and policy discussions regarding addiction recovery in the nation’s capital this year have ranged from protecting our right to patient confidentiality, to addressing social determinants of health, to removing prior authorization for medication-assisted treatment. The government spending process has included lifting budget caps, which frees up potential new appropriations for the recovery programs authorized under the SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act.  This breakout session will provide an overview these items, as well as the  Comprehensive Addiction Resources Emergency (CARE) Act which, if passed, will provide state and local governments with $100 billion over ten years for evidence-based treatment and recovery support services. The presentation will also include a focus on the 2019 Legislative Priorities identified by Faces & Voices of Recovery, how individual recovery advocates can take action, and how the Association of Recovery Community Organizations (ARCO) at Faces & Voices is mobilizing the recovery community on the ground locally to impact policy on the State and Federal level.

Day One PM Workshops – 1:30 - 3:00 p.m.

Multiple Pathways of Recovery Track:

Adventure Recovery – A Path to Sustainable Recovery with Tim Walsh

Tim Walsh will discuss the Adventure Recovery model to sustainable healthy living in sobriety and how this approach has ripple effects.

Participants will—

  • learn how the evidence-based practice of guided adventures outdoors influences mental health and recovery

  • understand how peer-based mentorship is still one of the most powerful interventions for individuals in recovery

  • walk away feeling inspired and ready to join an adventure!


Finding my "What Works" with Njon Sanders

Using his LifeRing perspective, Njon will help participants understand how to better separate our recovery from that of others; We will look at how coaches or other support advocates can assist recoverees to bridge the gap in identifying recovery sources that are compatible with their goals and capabilities. 


Leading Causes of a Life in Recovery - The Intersection of Faith and Recovery with Jan Brown

So often, we focus on the leading causes of death rather than the leading causes of life.  In recovery, our goal is far greater than simply not dying, it is on having a life beyond our wildest dreams. We advance in our recovery by moving through its various stages and phases.  In this workshop, we will explore the five leading causes of life that foster meaningful experiences in recovery.  Based on the work by Gunderson and Pray, entitled the Leading Causes of Life, this workshop will challenge individuals to focus on the leading causes of life.

Recovery Coaching Track: ​

Coachervision with Jennifer Chadukiewicz ​​

Recovery Coaching services are showing up in all levels of Recovery Support Services across the nation and the world. As our Recovering  presence grows within the professional community a need for accountability and support has been identified by Agency leadership, Certifying Agencies, and of course the Recovery Coaches themselves.  Just as Doctors supervise Doctors, and Clinicians supervise Clinicians, so too, Recovery Coaches should supervise Recovery Coaches.  
CCAR waited to roll-out our “Coachervision” training model until we were quite sure that the model we have works! And of course it works, because we used the Coaches as a resource. 

Jennifer Chadukiewicz, RCP, will share the experience CCAR had in rolling out employed, full-time Recovery Coaches in the Emergency Departments in Connecticut and how we used the Recovery Coach as the resource in developing the “Coaches Coaching Coaches” model.

Attendees will understand how and when to implement the CCAR Coachervision Model as a Resource for the growth and expansion of Coaching in their Communities.

Self Care Track:

Transformational Breath with Giri Bek and Govinda

Transformational Breath® is a spiritual self-healing system, with a simple purpose, Integration.  Each session has 3 components; open any restrictions in the breathing pattern, clear the subconscious, connect to higher dimensions of the Self, and expand awareness.  As Radiant Health, Giri and Govinda specialize in working with people with all addictions, disordered eating, unresolved trauma, anxiety, depression and chronic pain. Please join them for this journey inward and discover the power of your own breath to bring peace, clarity and connection. Gain insights into limiting behaviors and integrate unprocessed experiences, leaving you feeling lighter, refreshed, energized and more. Please wear comfy clothes and eat lightly at lunch for the best experience.

Recovery Advocacy Track:

​We Are The Answer To Ending America’s Addiction Crisis with Ryan Hampton and Dona Dmitrovic

Dona and Ryan will discuss how America got itself into the worst health crisis of a generation – and how we can come together to pull ourselves out of it. Successful strategies for engaging your community in policy change and civic engagement.