Workshop Sessions Day 3 - 10:05 to 11:35 a.m.

Multiple Pathways of Recovery Track:

Cultural Congruency with J. Carlos Rivera

For years Non-Native providers have worked in Indian Country and have taught Western Concepts such as Erick Erickson and Maslow Hierarchy of Needs. Through this process we have learned that there are approaches missing within Western Concepts, which have not allowed for successful treatment in Indian Country.


This workshop will teach Indigenous Concepts that are needed for successful alcohol & drug treatment in tribal communities and the joining of both Western and Indigenous Concepts.


This workshop will present the Seasons of Recovery and the importance of understanding how this impacts your own personal recovery and how to weather through the most challenging moments that we encounter in recovery. There is a reason why we are experiencing such difficulties during our recovery process.

Yoga of Recovery® with Durga Leela

Yoga of Recovery® offers a unique perspective and presentation of Yoga and Ayurveda. The topics selected from this vast ancient system of knowledge are chosen to make YoR instantly relatable, accessible, and current for people in recovery, to help shift their life trajectory. Yoga and Ayurveda are proven methods of behavioral health care, especially helpful for all modern chronic diseases. The toolbox is full and many are thankful that these modalities offer personalized tools and suggestions beyond the usual diet and exercise, one-size-fits-all dogma. Ayurveda offers general advice for all of us; YoR presents this information in a way that allows the person to draw out what will help them most at their particular point of the recovery path— a lifetime journey.

Recovery Coaching Track: ​


Emergency Department Recovery Coaching Panel with staff from CCAR, GCSA, and Wellness InX programs

Staff from three programs representing Michigan, Georgia and Connecticut will share their experiences in developing recovery coaching programs in emergency departments.

Self Care Track:

Sound Healing: A Holistic Approach To Self-Care with Kelvin Young

Sound has been utilized in various cultures for thousands of years as a tool for healing. In this highly interactive and experiential workshop you will learn about stress, how it effects your health, and a holistic way to relieve stress with sound healing. Come and experience the healing vibrations of crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, and chimes.

These stress reducing techniques will activate the relaxation response, calm the mind, relax the body, and nourish the soul. This training will provide self-help tools, and accessible tools to assist others to manage stress and practice self-care.


Recovery Advocacy Track: 


How can RCOs and Recovery Support Service providers bridge the gap between recovery and harm reduction?

With Justin Kunzelman

Participants should take away opportunities for their organizations to utilize proven harm reduction programs to increase engagement, drive down barriers to accessing services, and create effective outreach and participant engagement policies through identifying how Harm Reduction Principles can and should be merged with existing service frameworks (ROSC,etc.)


Grassroot Advocacy with Tara Moseley

We will define what recovery advocacy is, explain what a recovery-ready community looks like, and explain how YPR (Young People in Recovery) National and YPR Chapters work together to advocate at the federal and state level. In conclusion, will discuss the planning process for engaging community members in YPR grassroots efforts to get them involved in the legislative process.