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Diann Bertucci

Volunteer Recovery Coach

CT Community for Addiction Recovery



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The Enneagram for Recovery Coaches

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The Enneagram is based on Jung's 9 basic personality types but expands the field into 27 subtypes. The Enneagram is an incredibly versatile and useful tool for self-care and as a means of gaining insights into the most powerful motivators for growth and for the stagnation of growth. Different personality types offer different challenges and ways "in". The Enneagram helps us to understand some of the drivers of our behaviors and offers insights on how to regulate or modify them.

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Diann Bertucci

Diann Bertucci spent 38 years as a high school English teacher and as a school administrator in the Wisconsin, California and New Jersey public schools. She has been studying the enneagram for over 30 years and has taken several workshops and read numerous books on various aspects of this system. She has used the wisdom of the enneagram to help inform her own psychological and spiritual evolution and to help her to identify unconscious patterns endemic to her own type. She became a recovery coach in 2016 and uses her knowledge of the nine ennea-types when coaching recoverees.

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