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John Lally, APRN

Executive Director

Today I Matter, Inc



Session Title: 

The importance of family/supportive network in recovery

Session Details: 

The evidence for including family and/or supportive others in recovery has proven to increase stability and success of ongoing recovery. I will discuss how this is true and how family or supportive others can successfully participate in an individual's recovery

What are you looking forward to most at #MPRCCT2024?

Increasing my awareness of different paths to recovery and how I can support them in people in recovery

John Lally, APRN

John Lally is a retired Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in Ellington, CT. with 39 years of experience treating those with mental illness and addictions. He has a master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Connecticut and a master's degree in Nursing from Saint Joseph University. He is a member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine and a certified grief counselor. He is Executive Director of Today I Matter, Inc. a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the shame and stigma of mental illness and addiction through education, advocacy, and support. He lost his oldest Son, Timothy, to a heroin overdose in January 2016.

In service of this mission, he has been a featured public speaker at addiction education and awareness events around Connecticut and has appeared multiple times on television news programs. He's been published in The Hartford Courant, on the web at The Good Men's Project, and writes a blog entitled Addiction: Reports from the Front Lines. Mr. Lally has presented to Hartford Hospital's Purple Light program on the influence of family on addiction and has resented in Grand Rounds at Hartford Hospital on Stigma in healthcare.

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