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Kelvin Young

Co-Founder/Certified Sound Healer

SoulCare Love LLC



Session Title: 

From Drug Addict To Sound Healer: A Journey of Self-Discovery

Session Details: 

Embark on a transformative journey with award-winning sound healer, Kelvin Young as he share his remarkable path from the depths of addiction and recovery. During his presentation, Kelvin will discuss the highs and lows of addiction, his experience in prison and the turning points that led to profound self-discovery. Through the healing vibrations of sound, Kelvin found a path to redemption, awakening his inner healer, and reclaiming a life of purpose and fulfillment. Join us on this inspiring journey of resilience, hope, and the transformative power of sound.

What are you looking forward to most at #MPRCCT2024?

I look forward to connecting with all my dear friends and colleagues throughout the country.

Kelvin Young

Kelvin Young, RSS is an award-winning sound healer, recovery coach, recovery support specialist and co-founder of the SoulCare Love, LLC. Kelvin has presented around the country in diverse settings, including yoga studios, retreat centers, conferences, high schools, colleges, prisons, addiction treatment centers, psychiatric hospitals, and mental health agencies.

Kelvin was also featured in a powerful documentary on trauma, addiction and recovery called,"Uprooting Addiction", and is the co- author of, "Find Your Voice, Save Your Life 4: Transcendent Men, Real Stories." Kelvin sustains his recovery by eating a vegetarian/plant-based diet, practicing sound healing, breathwork, listening to uplifting and relaxing music, body movement, being in nature, reading, massages, resting and connecting with family and friends. He is passionate about holding space for people to heal and is known for his warm, loving and down-to-earth way of connecting with people.

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