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Lisa Hope

Art Therapist, Recovery Coach, Trainer

Lisa Hope



Session Title: 

Being Guided: Art Making & Recovery Principles

Session Details: 

This session uses art techniques such as zen doodling, doodling and art making, in conjunction with The Fulfillment Stage of Recovery, as defined by Phil Valentine. Participants will explore the principles attributed to 12 Step, as well as spiritual/emotional recovery capital. This combination focuses on the core practices of using art to 'surrender' through 'trusting the process' and being guided. No art skill, recovery experience or previous knowledge necessary.

What are you looking forward to most at #MPRCCT2024?

I am so excited to experience this conference coming 'back home' to CT where CCAR started it. I think there are many things to celebrate each time people connect with the best intentions to learn and grow. This year we are celebrating Phil Valentine in a special way, as he is a source of wisdom in my everyday work, this conference hosts opportunities for our community to truly reflect on his role at CCAR and the larger recovery movement. I am excited to celebrate this!

Lisa Hope

Lisa Hope, ATR-BC, LADC, LCAT, MAC, CASAC-Masters Counselor, CRPA, RCP-F, is a licensed, board-certified art therapist and substance use disorder counselor. She has a private practice in both recovery coaching and counseling services, as well as supervising and training both disciplines. Her passion most recently led her to become the Executive Director and Co-Founder of Friends of Recovery Westchester, a 501c3 organization that stands for filling the gaps in recovery services for community members as well as the larger community. Lisa believes that there are many paths in which a person can define their unique recovery. If possible, she aims to be a supportive ally throughout the transformative process of any person, group, or community.

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