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Rabbi Ilan Glazer

Founder and Executive Director

Our Jewish Recovery



Session Title: 

Oy Vey! So Much of Recovery Feels Christian. Is it Kosher to be in Recovery?

Session Details: 

A large percentage of recovery meetings happen in churches. Many rehabs have Christian services and literature, and little or no understanding of how to support Jewish patients. Jews feel increasingly isolated from the Jewish community, which is still too silent on the issue, and from the recovery community, which is still too ill-informed about how to help Jews feel welcomed and supported. This session will introduce you to the wisdom of the Jewish recovery world, and give you 18 ways you can help Jews (and other non-Christians) impacted by addiction feel welcomed and both physically and spiritually nourished in your community.

What are you looking forward to most at #MPRCCT2024?

I'm looking forward to being with hundreds of recovery advocates and learning from the wealth of people CCAR brings together. CCAR events are always informative, well-run, and leave me with a feeling of hope for the future of the recovery movement. Can't wait to be at MPRC!

Rabbi Ilan Glazer

Rabbi Ilan Glazer is passionate about ending the stigma of addiction in the Jewish community and helping Jews in recovery and their loved ones find recovery and serenity, one day at a time. He believes that life is a beautiful journey of learning and growth, suffering can be transformed into joy, and everyone is a miracle.

Rabbi Ilan is the Founder and Executive Director of Our Jewish Recovery, which exists to uplift and heal the hearts and souls of everyone impacted by addiction in the Jewish community. Our Jewish Recovery aims to end the stigma of addiction in the Jewish community and ensure that everyone impacted by addiction receives the support we all deserve. The private Our Jewish Recovery Facebook group is the heart and soul of the community, where over 1300 members share their experiences, strength, and hope and support each other on their journey. In addition, Our Jewish Recovery has 12 weekly gatherings, with Torah study from a recovery lens, Jewish recovery book studies, and recovery meetings, along with classes, virtual retreats, and much more in the works. For far too long, the Jewish community has turned a blind eye to the prevalence and impact of addiction in our midst. Our Jewish Recovery is changing the conversation and providing hope and strength to all who come our way.

Ilan is also the author of the award-winning And God Created Recovery: Jewish Wisdom to Help You Break Free From Your Addiction, Heal Your Wounds, and Unleash Your Inner Freedom. Rabbi Ilan teaches and speaks widely about recovery, grief and mourning, happiness, prayer, and spirituality, and is a freelance recovery, grief, and transformation coach, a spiritual counselor, and an accomplished storyteller and musician. Gam Ki Elech: Turning Our Sorrows Into Song, Ilan's 1st album of original music, in honor and in memory of his son Shemaryah Zichri, was released in January 2024. He lives in Baltimore, Maryland with his wife Sherri, their son Rami Doron, and their cats Annie Lev and Peretz Dov.

More information about Ilan's work can be found at (friends & allies welcome to join).
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