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Scott Strode

Founder/National Executive Director

The Phoenix



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What are you looking forward to most at #MPRCCT2024?


Scott Strode

Scott Strode, sober for over 25 years, is the Executive Director of The Phoenix, a transformational nonprofit he founded in 2006. The Phoenix harnesses the power of connection to ignite a movement that's changing how society looks at addiction and recovery. The Phoenix provides free programs both in-person and virtually, across the globe, including yoga, climbing, music, CrossFit, art, and more. The only cost to participate is 48 hours of sobriety. Scott says, "It might be the activity that brings someone in, but it's the community of sober friendships that keeps them coming back." This spark of hope for recovery, that Scott himself experienced, has continued to grow and help thousands rise from addiction. Not limited to those in recovery, The Phoenix movement is for anyone who has been impacted by substance use disorder because the solution to the addiction crisis lives in all of us. This is our movement! To learn more, connect with our community, volunteer, or donate, please go to

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