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Cathy Plush


Cathy Plush

Alcoholics Anonymous

Springs Recovery Connection



AA is a Grandmother in the Peer Recovery World

AA is a Grandmother in the Peer Recovery World. Presenters will introduce the history of 12 Step Recovery and the relationship to Multiple Pathways.


Cathy Plush is the founder of Springs Recovery Connection and is a member of the Peer Advisory Council. She also serves as a consultant for startup RCO's. Cathy understands firsthand the importance of community involvement in the recovery process. As a woman in long-term recovery she has made it her work to promote recovery by educating about substance use disorder and the hope of healing.
Her passion is to make SRC’s mission understood in the community one step at a time. She values interpersonal relationships and feels that it is important to make people feel valued, whether they are old friends or first time acquaintances, and this is especially important for interactions with those who may be in times of distress. She values loyalty, trustworthiness, and caring, and she is a firm believer that one person can be an agent of change.

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