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Justice Program Manager

Justice Program Manager

Justice Program Manager

Alcoholics Anonymous

Springs Recovery Connection



AA is a Grandmother in the Peer Recovery World

AA is a Grandmother in the Peer Recovery World. Presenters will introduce the history of 12 Step Recovery and the relationship to Multiple Pathways.


Dominique Knowles is the Specialty Court & Jail Reintegration Coordinator at Springs Recovery Connection. Dominique’s compassion and understanding for those who are justice involved comes from her personal experience. As a believer in second and third chances, Dominique’s purpose in her work is to help individuals identify their self-worth and confidence through encouragement and building recovery capital and resources. “We are not bad people, we do not have to stay in the shame and guilt of our past,” Dominique shares, “We have the disease of addiction, and when provided the necessary tools for community connection and recovery, we can thrive in our own lives and find our purpose.”

Dominique is a State Certified Peer Recovery Coach, holds an Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice and successfully completed the 4th Judicial Adult Criminal Drug Court Program in El Paso County. She is overwhelmed with gratitude to be an active mother to her children again and enjoys biking and spending quality time with her family.

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