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Kaley Jones

Program Manager, Colorado Springs

Kaley Jones

Wellness Based

The Phoenix



The Phoenix: Panel Discussion

The Phoenix team will be lead by Deputy Executive Director, Jacki Hillios, to discuss the hope that The Phoenix offers for people affected by substance use disorder. Topics ranging from partnerships, community, healing, and stigma will be addressed as they relate to building a movement in recovery.


Kaley Jones is currently serving The Phoenix as a the Colorado Springs Program Manager. Kaley came to The Phoenix as a Team Member in 2011 when she transitioned out of intensive inpatient treatment. At 19 years old, Kaley felt a great deal of insecurity transitioning out of treatment, but became empowered and confident in her recovery through involvement with The Phoenix community. After volunteering as a rock climbing instructor and support person for fundraisers for 6 years, Kaley joined The Phoenix as a staff member in May of 2017. During her time with The Phoenix Kaley has secured her Bachelors Degree in Organizational Management for Non- Profits, earned certifications in rock climbing, CrossFit, and wilderness medicine, and has found her true passion in helping individuals find a way to support the life changing work The Phoenix does. As a result of participating in The Phoenix as a Team Member and staff member, Kaley celebrated 11 years of sobriety in September 2021.

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