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Kris Roehling

HepLink Team Lead

Kris Roehling

Recovery Dharma

Step--Up Inc.



Using Buddist Practices and Principles to Heal the Suffering of Addiction

This session will use both presentation and practice to explore the concepts and practices of Recovery Dharma.
The Recovery Dharma path is a Buddhist-inspired approach to recovery from substance abuse, process addictions, and codependency. One does not need to identify as a Buddhist to participate. This path is harmonious and compatible with other spiritual practices, including higher power(s). Our fellowship leans into the traditional tools of meetings, service, renunciation, the study of principles, amends, and virtuous behavior. Our practice of finding refuge and meditation uses gentle and supportive language that encourages self-compassion and strength-based exploration.
Recovery Dharma is a reliable option for individuals seeking a recovery path. Some of our members practice it as a stand-alone fellowship. Others use it as a harmonious and compatible supplement to other paths, such as 12 Step programs. This relatively new and growing community has an active and vibrant core of 300 meetings and about 10,000 members worldwide. This includes groups across the US, Europe, Australia, and Online. A significant portion of our membership includes those who have found our fellowship after having it presented as an option by their treatment program.


Kris is a person in long-term recovery. This includes recovery in the areas of substances, mental health, codependency, spending & debting, and technology. Some of these have been paths have included recovery for 18 years and abstinence for 9 years. Other renunciations are developing as insight deepens through a Buddhist path of recovery.
Kris currently serves on the members-based Board of Directors for Recovery Dharma Global as the former President of the board, and current Communications Chair. Kris is also employed at Step-Up, Inc. as the HepLink Team Lead. She has worked as a recovery coach, and care coordinator for people living with issues such as Hepatitis C, HIV, incarceration, co-occurring disorders, homelessness, and trauma. Kris is a dedicated and passionate advocate for human rights and anti-oppression in all its forms, including harm reduction.

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