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Meghann Perry

Recovery Coach and Teaching Artist

Meghann Perry

Recovery Storytelling

Meghann Perry



Recovery Storytelling: A Pathway of Healing and Growth

Storytelling builds strong, healthy, connected communities. In this 90 minute workshop you will discover how the healing power of storytelling benefits your wellness and builds resilience in individuals and communities. You'll learn some basics of the art of storytelling and have the opportunity to discover and craft a story of your own. You'll leave with an understanding of the tapestry of story, how storytelling is different from what most of us think of when we are asked to "tell our recovery story," and how creative storytelling can support recovery.


Meghann Perry RCP CARC is a Recovery Coach Professional, Trainer and Curriculum Designer, and an award-winning Storyteller, Theatre Educator, and Teaching Artist. She works at the intersection of substance addiction Prevention, Treatment, Recovery and the Performing Arts, creating unique learning, growth and performance experiences for both youth and adults. She is currently integrating Theatre and Storytelling practices into Youth and Young Adult residential treatment services for the MA Dept. of Public Health, and is Directing a musical about women in treatment at Northeastern University. All of her work is infused with the Art and Science of Recovery Coaching and the belief that everyone, regardless of age or life circumstances, is a resource in their own healing and transformation.

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