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Mark Guckel


EntheoRecovery Solutions, LLC



Session Title: 

Psychedelic-Assisted Recovery in a Nutshell

Session Details: 

As psychedelic medicines show promise in helping people to break free from a wide array of conditions and to improve their overall wellness, almost everyone is curious - most especially people that work in treatment, support, and advocacy, or that are in recovery themselves. In this presentation, participants will have the chance learn more about the pathway of psychedelic-assisted recovery and how it is impacting the way that we treat substance use disorder in a blend of easy-to-understand language and insightful, compelling storytelling.

What are you looking forward to most at #MPRCCT2024?

While I'm very excited to be spending time with all of the beautiful souls who have known struggle, defeat, suffering, and loss but have miraculously found found their way out, I'm really looking forward to seeing Phil!

Mark Guckel

Mark Guckel, RCPF, is a credentialed recovery coach and educator who was able to identify and heal many of the root causes of multigenerational, treatment-resistant substance use with the help of psychedelic medicines. He has several years of professional experience providing peer recovery support services, helping people to find meaning out of their psychedelic experiences, and consulting with entheogenic churches in the United States. Mark is also a published author, with one of his many stories of redemption featured in 'The Grapevine" magazine (International Journal of Alcoholics Anonymous, July 2014). After finding long-term, sustained recovery with the help of ibogaine, ayahuasca, and psilocybin, he committed to empowering individuals and organizations with creative, heart-centered solutions that help people to better understand psychedelic medicines and their impact on recovery by founding EntheoRecovery Solutions, LLC. In his free time, Mark enjoys exploring the wetlands and pastures of Florida.

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