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Angie Chaplin

Mindful Leadership / SMART Recovery

Speaker & Consultant/Regional Coordinator



SMART Recovery


The Power of Values in Recovery

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Leader, speaker, and consultant Angie Chaplin shares her story of getting lost in active addiction and finding her way out in recovery through values discovery. Personal values are the fundamental truths and beliefs at the core of who we are. As guiding principles, our values are an internal compass that points us toward positive, healthy, and aligned behaviors. By living into values, we align our actions to demonstrate what matters most, such as practicing kindness, being honest, or expressing gratitude. This hands-on, energetic, and interactive session includes an up-close and personal look at the activities and actions in your day-to-day life to examine how aligned they are with what matters most.


Founder and owner of Mindful Leadership in Iowa City, Angie Chaplin is known for her inspiring journey of courageous authenticity. As a consultant and speaker with a background in communication, marketing, higher education, human resources, and organizational development, Angie earned the highest distinction of Certified Master and Coach for The Leadership Challenge by internationally bestselling authors, Jim Kouzes & Barry Posner, and holds certifications in student leadership, mindfulness, behavior analysis, and SMART Recovery. Overcoming severe alcohol use disorder to achieve recognition as an alcohol-free leader, Angie's self-leadership story exemplifies her values of integrity, curiosity, clarity, connection, and love. She holds a master's degree in strategic communication and leadership from Seton Hall University and a bachelor's degree from Buena Vista University.

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