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Bryce Cobb III

The Phoenix

Digital Content Specialist





Multiple Pathways within The Phoenix:

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The Phoenix is a sober active community and a national non-profit organization founded in 2006. Over the past 16 years, The Phoenix has grown to host and serve over 200,000 individuals in person and virtually. Since its inception, The Phoenix has aimed to fuel and ignite a movement through meaningful activities and social events. In this workshop, attendees will learn about the pathways and modalities within The Phoenix that can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, anytime, be it in person or through our virtual platform. Session presenters will discuss new and innovative ways to be a part of this movement by utilizing new resources like: The Phoenix mobile app, the Rise, Recover, Live podcast, sober spaces at music festivals and more.


* Bryce Cobb III, affectionately known as Bryce The Third is a prominent change maker in the city of Detroit. As a person in his 9th year of recovery from substance use & alcoholism, Bryce has leveraged his experience to be a source of empowerment for his community. Using media ( Books, The Pheonix's Rise Recover Live podcast, music etc.) to tell stories is his superpower! Bryce is a CCAR certified peer recovery mentor in the state of Michigan with years of coaching experience throughout the city of Detroit & is also an International Mindfulness & Meditation Alliance (IMMA) certified mindfulness and meditation teacher. Bryce is a shining example of recovery in action and is out to equip others to be compassionate and courageous in their own lives no matter where their journey takes them!

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