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Heather Raley

Mosaic Group

Senior Behavioral Health Consultant





Peer Recovery Support Through Pregnancy & Beyond

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Peer Recovery Coaches to Supporting Wellness and Recovery for New and Expectant Mothers Living with Substance Use Disorders: The Impact of Shared Experiences, Mutual Empowerment, and Respect.
Join Mosaic Group as they discuss the positive impact that the integration of Peer Recovery Coaches through Project HEART (Helping Expectant people Achieve Recovery Together) has had on pregnant and postpartum people that are substance using. Hear directly from those in recovery about their stories as substance-using parents and how they use that lived experience to support people that are pregnant or recently delivered to begin or maintain recovery.


Heather Raley is a licensed counselor who has over 20 years of experience working in the behavioral health field. She has worked at the state and federal levels to develop and implement screening protocols to identify patients in need of mental health and substance use disorder treatment, as well as provide direct patient care. She is dedicated to helping people see and reach their potential in living a healthier lifestyle. Heather currently works as a Senior Behavioral Health Consultant with Mosaic Group, a private consulting firm based just outside of Baltimore, MD that provides technical assistance implementing and sustaining healthcare programs to identify and intervene with patients using alcohol and drugs. Mosaic Group works with hospitals across several states to integrate peer recovery coaches into emergency departments, inpatient hospital units, outpatient settings, OB units, OBGYN outpatient practices and many other settings. Mosaic Group has successfully integrated their Reverse the Cycle Model, embedding peer recovery services in over 70 hospitals across 5 states and Washington, DC, and their Project HEART model integrating peer recovery coaches with specialized training working with pregnant people and new mothers, across several hospitals in Maryland.

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