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Kathie G Short


Recovery Coach





AA: Treatment Centers and Bridging the Gap

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The presentation will focus on methods to connect with clients/patients who are in treatment centers and working on recovery, especially those who are being discharged after short or long term.
Part of "Bridging the Gap" is designed to offer connection with transition from treatment and discharge, giving support to continued recovery.
One of the hardest places in the recovery journey to sobriety is between the door of the facility and connection with a supportive person (s).
Treating recoverees with respect and individuality and offering multiple pathways, practicing good listening skills, open mindedness to help a person maintain recovery.


Kathie was born in Waterloo, Iowa and moved to the Gulf Coast when she was twelve and her father accepted a position at Tulane University. She a degree in Business and Accounting, licensed all breed judge for United Kennel Club, Past District Governor for Rotary International, worked in the medical field for over twenty years and is a CCAR Recovery Coach and Trainer.
She found her "fir" when she began her recovery journey in 2010. Her passion is working with people in recovery and giving back what has been so freely given to her.
Kathie began her training in 2016 under the direction of Recovery Coach Carver Brown, obtained her Recovery Coach Credentials and completed her Recovery Coach Train the Trainer the same year.
While serving on the Board of Memorial Hospital Gulfport for eleven years she was a strong advocate for Memorial Behavior Health and worked with Pine Grove Hattiesburg to assist people into recovery programs in Mississippi and other states.
Kathie formed an AA Group (Stepsisters) to offer encouragement to women in recovery and has used her CCAR training to offer multiple pathways of recovery which she refers to as "next life steps".
Her goal is to help women and men to maintain recovery after leaving recovery houses, hospitals, university programs, prisons and 12 Step Programs.
Memorial Hospital Gulfport sold their Behavior Health Center to Gulfport Behavior Health in 2019 and Kathie has taken a position to chair the IOP Program at the new facility which enables her to broaden outreach to clients through multiple pathways.

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