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Lauren McLaughlin

Director of Programming & Recovery Services

Path to Recovery Foundation





Mornings Look Different Now: Tools for a Brighter Recovery

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Lauren’s passion for mornings and having a good foundation to the day has been a dynamic piece of her recovery and her daily life. As life has had it’s ups and downs, one thing has always been a foundation for her, a morning routine.
In this fun and interactive presentation, we will learn about how what we do in the morning can be a springboard for a brighter day and lead to a sustained recovery.
We will learn:
1. The importance and science behind having a morning routine
2. Tips on how to create your own routine
3. Gain resources to help guide you to build more healthy habits in your life


Lauren McLaughlin, LAc, CPRS is a person in long term recovery celebrating 17 years in 2023. Her journey of recovery started in the traditional sense but as she began pursuing a degree in Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine her world opened up to the idea of a multiple pathways approach to recovery.

After receiving her Master’s Degree in Acupuncture and establishing a practice, Lauren dedicated her recovery to finding support through things that push her outside of her comfort zone and more importantly bring joy to her life. She has used Laughter Yoga, Running, Meditation, traditional therapy, Triathlons, volunteering in her community and various other pathways that have helped her sustain long term recovery.

She leans on her experience in creating her own joyful recovery as the Director of Programming & Recovery Services at Path to Recovery Foundation a Recovery Community Organization in Naperville, IL. Her role allows her to mentor other coaches, work directly with clients and their families seeking recovery and advocate for multiple pathways.

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