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Infinite Pathways of Recovery

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"Our pathways are as unique as we are individuals. We incorporate a wide variety of things into our daily lives and actually need different things at different times in order to sustain recovery. Throughout the stages of ones' recovery, you will find that individuals' pathways are often a tapestry woven from many different types of supports, many of which are not recognized as established recovery pathways.

Established pathways don't always meet the full scope of our needs throughout our time in recovery and they may not honor or mirror individual values, beliefs, identities and culture. So what else could be considered a pathway? Does it have to be an established pathway to be considered valid?

In this workshop, we'll explore a different approach to recognizing and forging recovery pathways. Participants will identify their own needs for recovery wellness as specific, individual components and identify the different ways in which we fulfill them. Well look at the many things we do in our daily lives that make up our tapestry; our own 'multiple pathways' of recovery.

There is no one way to recover and no single definition of recovery. The possibilities of pathways are as infinite as the number of people seeking or in recovery. When we are able to recognize that our pathways can be such unique tapestries, we find common threads, connecting with others across the full spectrum of what recovery looks like today, common ground, connecting with our communities and ultimately, connecting with ourselves.

Upon Completion of this Workshop, Participants will:

Discover where existing pathways meet individuals' needs, or leave gaps;

Discover the specific components that encompass an individual's needs for recovery support;

Explore how to cultivate and design personal pathways for self and others."


Mr. Alves is the Founder of Choice Recovery Coaching, Inc, a non profit organization dedicated to Coaching Recovery across the continuum of care and systems alike. He has been developing the Peer Recovery Workforce across the Commonwealth of MA and beyond focusing on Wellness Recovery Oriented Systems ( WROS ) in order to diminish stigma while enhance systems efforts and multiply community wellness.
Mr. Alves is a person in Recovery from Substance Use Disorder, Food Addiction and Mental Health affliction. With a positive attitude and contemporary perspective, he believes that all individuals have the ability to recover."""

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