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Ruth Riddick

ASAP-New York Certification Board

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Keeping It Real - The Future of Recovery Coaching

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An established profession, coaching offers support at any point in the lifetime of individuals, including people in recovery. In specific terms, the CCAR RCA Stages of Recovery model describes recovery tasks and milestones for which recovery coaching may be helpful as we “strive to reach [our] full potential” (SAMHSA 2011). The coaching engagement itself may be brief, intermittent, or longer term as determined by individuals/clients. And being a coach is often an appropriate career choice for individuals with a personal commitment to recovery and a passion for purposeful conversation. In the present environment, where William White describes recovery support services as "colonized by the treatment system," how are we situating recovery coaching beyond clinical triage settings? This workshop will explore options for promoting the value of recovery coaching and for establishing coaching as a sustainable practice into the future.


"Ruth Riddick is a Certified Addiction Recovery Coach (CARC 2015) and program manager and co-founding member of the ASAP-New York Certification Board Trainer Registry (2020), as well as co-author of the Trainer Registry Member Standards of Practice (2022).

An experienced curriculum developer, she co-developed ASAP-Peer Workforce Initiative’s CRPA-Family training (2019) and the associated trainer refresher in 2022, in addition to the CRPA-Youth (2023) and Veteran Supported Recovery (2021) certification training programs. She is administrator of the ASAP-NYCB Certifications Development unit, participating in industry-standard protocols for developing validated professional certifications; Peer Supervision Professional and Criminal Justice. She also offers consultation to the ASAP-NYCB ethics and nominating committees.

An inaugural CCAR Recovery Coach Professional (2016), Ruth Riddick is an International Association of Recovery Coach Professionals Council member (2020) and CCAR RCP/facilitator (2022), the last identifying her as an authorized facilitator of CCAR recovery products.

Among recent publications, ""Adding Recovery Professionals to the Continuum of Care"" appears in William White’s recovery bibliography. She is a member of the SAMHSA’s Technical Expert Panel on Peer Support Certification (2023).

In 2023, she carried the “Sober St. Patrick’s Day” banner up Fifth Avenue in the 262nd annual New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade, an unexpected honor for the native of Ireland’s capital.

Ruth Riddick is a two-time Irish America Healthcare Pioneer honoree and multiple awardee at Caron Treatment Centers, where she has volunteered for nearly two decades. Most recently honored by In His Name Outreach (2022) and Samaritan-PARC (2021), she serves as a subject matter expert to the SAMHSA-funded Opioid Response Network (from 2017), and the Peer Recovery Center of Excellence (from 2021), as well as on the board of the New York Association of Treatment Court Professionals (from 2022).

She founded her private recovery coaching, training and mentoring practice - Sobriety Together™ - in 2004."

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