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Stephen White

Griot Recovery Services

Chief Creative Visioner (CCV)





Cultural Humility and Inclusion in Recovery Coaching and Peer Support Services

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The presentation will assist Recovery Coaches/ Peers to reflect upon cultural responsiveness and its role in providing recovery support services to recoverees from diverse backgrounds. The presentation will offer strategies for creating an inclusive vibe (environment) to services. Participants will gain an understanding of the importance of having courageous conversations around culture/race/gender, ability status and ethnicity in recovery coaching/peer services. Participants will explore their own cultural identity and its influences on services to recoverees. The presentation will touch upon current "effective practices" as it relates to Recovery/ Peer Support services exploring a paradigm for Recovery Oriented Healing and Restoration.


Stephen is a person in Long Term Sustained Recovery. I enjoy spending time with my family, bicycling, traveling and learning about indigenous healing practices. I have for a long time been involved with community-based organizations that provide services, support and real-world skills to youth, students and Hope to other community members. I founded Griots Recovery Services in 2022 to promote/facilitate training, innovation and healing centered approaches to recovery support services. Additionally, I have worked in the Behavioral Health field for close to twenty-years and I am currently a New York State Certified Recovery Peer Advocate.

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