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Teresa Guarino

Sacred Heart Clearview

Peer Recovery Coach





A Desire to Change

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Celebrate Recovery is my pathway that follows the 12 steps with the chosen higher power having a relationship with Jesus Christ. Being accepted no matter how broken and down and out. The step steps are applied to ANY hurt hang up, or habit. Celebrate Recovery is a safe place to find community and freedom from the issues that are controlling our life.

I have victory over drugs and alcohol. I applied the steps to other defects for example anger. I am healing thru childhood trauma. My presentation fits in as one of the multiple pathways. As a peer recovery coach needing an openness to all pathways to recovery. Higher power is one that is difficult to approach with a person serviced but possibly the meat and potatoes to who/what you surrender to, and religion is mistaken for a relationship with a higher power.

This is where I was initially, bitter and blaming. It was in AA I started to meditate in nature, over time it was as if things started to fall into place, and mend. Working the 12 steps for my addiction, then character defects as I discovered them. Making amends where needed and freedom from fear.


CCAR Peer Recovery Coach certification
State of Michigan Peer Recovery Coach certification. 200 Hr certified yoga instructor.

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